At GIÀ PRONTO our foods are 100% natural
and made with the highest quality ingredients.

Our meats will always be free-range and hormone free.

Chemical additives and artificial preservatives will never be used.

This is our promise!

We are naturally passionate about food. We work hard at bringing you the freshest food possible.
All our products will always be minimally processed and all-natural for your health and well being.

Why does GIÀ PRONTO use only all-natural and antibiotic free chickens?

Simply put, they taste better. The unique all-natural vegetarian diet that our chickens are fed is the key
to a great-tasting and better-for-you chicken. Our hand-trimmed chicken breasts are 99% fat free.

What’s so special about imported Prosciutto di Parma?

When it comes to meat, Italy is perhaps most famous for prosciutto. Our prosciutto is imported from
Parma in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region; an area recognized as the crown holder for the world’s finest proscuitto.
Prosciutto di Parma is cured for over a year and a half, creating a delicately salted and slightly buttery taste.